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General search - best when searching for broad subjects. For example, a search for “ski fashion” will find all records that contain both these words even if they are not close together within the shotlist.

Specific search - best for more precise searching as finds exact or very close matches. For example, searching for “evening dress” will only find records where these words appear together in the shotlist.

The Movietone database uses inflectional searching - a search for “run” will also find instances of running, runners, runs etc. Please note that longer versions of the stem word will not be highlighted in search results.

Too many results? Try using extra terms in the “qualifying subject” field. You can also try using the “terms to omit” field. For example if you are searching for Rugby the place, entering the word “sport” in the omit field will refine your search results. You can use multiple words in the “omit” field. Searching by date range can also help to focus your research results.

Not enough results? Try alternative spellings or similar words for your search terms. For example, if you are looking for films featuring “make up”, try “cosmetics” too. If you have used multiple words in “specific search” try the same words in “general search” to see if this throws up more results.

Boolean? The Movietone database does NOT use Boolean logic. “And”, “or”, “and not” will not operate as search qualifiers.

Need more help? If you are still having difficulty finding the footage you are seeking, please contact our research team at +44 (0)1895 833071.
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