Terms and Conditions.

1. All material is furnished solely for use in one program or production only.
2. The Licence fees charged are for the supply and use of material furnished by the company or its agents .
3. The prices quoted are exclusive of VAT or local sales taxes.
4. The customer is responsible for any required third party clearances.
5. All duplicated material is to be returned or destroyed.
6. Customers who order material are responsible for payment there is no second party billing.
7. The Licence fees do not include technical, freight, handling charges.
8. The licence fees charged are those in effect at the time of declaration
9. There are no variations to the above without written authorization of a director of the company.
10. Customers will be billed a minimum usage charge based upon the rights they specify when broadcast quality material is supplied. This non-refundable amount will be applied as a credit against their final billing.
11. The customer agrees to provide the company with a full royalty declaration stating the total number of seconds used, the rights and territories required when the program is finished.
12. No material will be supplied until the customer has electronically signed that they have read and agree to these terms and conditions .