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Location: Algeria & France
Date: 12/01/1961
Length: 78 secs
Story Number: 81796
Description: In view of recent troubles in Algiers, strong precautions were taken on polling day. Everything possible was done to prevent clashes between those in favour of self-determination and those who want Algeria to remain French. Of all who went to the polls in Algeria, about 70 per cent said "yes". The vote in France, as generally anticipated, produced a good majority of "yeses": 15,000,000 to about 5,000,000 "noes". So, President de Gaulle won his vote of confidence and can now implement his policy.
Shot List.: Key scene. Aerial shot pan over Algiers. MS shop in Algiers. MS building with 'Non' written on the wall. MS sign on wall 'Non'. MCU photo of man in uniform. Pan to sign 'Non'. MCU another. MCU document with 'Oui' on it. GV troops with tanks etc. MS troops in jeep driving through streets. MS 2 soldiers walking in street. MLS soldiers outside building. MS man talking to soldiers. MS men and women queuing to vote. CU same LS same. MCU Muslims at table taking in votes. MS same ditto. CU man putting vote in polling box. MS woman same. MCU man same. GV woman same MS woman MS man same. MLS same. CU hand putting in vote. MCU same. MLS President de Gaulle puts in his own vote.
Keywords: Government and Politics; Personalities - Politicians; Charles de Gaulle; Independence Movements; North Africa; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Military - Active; Vehicles
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