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Film Title: No Title Play Clip: ENGLAND V AUSTRALIA 1905 - NO SOUND

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Location: N/A
Date: 1905
Length: 448 secs
Story Number: 4
Description: N/A
Shot List.: Australian team out of pavilion. Pan row of film cameramen. Australian Team pose for cameras. Australian Team throw ball to each other. Various shots of team in practice as follows: J Darling and J J Kelly - batsman and wicketkeeper. M A Noble - batsman. F Laver - bowler. W Armstrong. V Trumper - batsman. A Cotter - bowler. A J Hopkins - batsman. C E McLeod - bowler. S E Gregory & J J Kelly - batsman & wicketkeeper. W P Howell - bowler. Clem Hill batsman. Shot of game in progress. Australian fielding team & England batsmen leave field. Panning shot of crwod men, women and children, some eating sandwiches and drinking ( x 2). Teams out of pavilion.
Keywords: Food and Drink; Mankind; Nationalities - Australian; Personalities; Sport and Games - cricket
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