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Location: Belfast, UK
Date: 22/02/1971
Length: 87 secs
Story Number: 96830
Description: Recent reports that young children had been taking part in street fighting in Belfast has led to the opening of adventure playgrounds where they can let off steam in comparative safety. The British peace-keeping force gets a chance to relax as the climate cools down again. But they have to be alert for incidents which can be sparked off in a moment.
Shot List.: GV pan deserted streets, CU sign Grosvenor Road. SV ditto. GV deserted street. LV sign Falls Road, pan to GV people in street. GV army vehicles parked in barracks. GV Red Cross vehicle parked. SV scout cars parked. LV children on seesaw in playground. LV kids on climbing frame, SV 4 shots ditto. LV boys walking on wall pan to SV boys playing football. GV interior small children on rocking horses etc. CU 2 small boys on rocking horse. CU spinning top pan to child. CU drum pan up to child's face looking towards camera. GV army camp. LV weapons check out hut. SV soldier with rifle in ditto. GV army bunkhouse. SCU pan down soldier cleaning boots (not army boots). SV soldiers playing cards. CU cards in hand. CU soldier pan to other. SV cards & money on table. CU soldier asleep. GV deserted table.
Keywords: Ulster; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Civil Disturbances; Entertainment and Leisure; Military - Active; Military - R&R; Munitions and Armaments
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