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Film Title: Sir Oswald Mosley Expounds Creed Play Clip: Sir Oswald Mosley Expounds Creed

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Card Title: Sir Oswald Mosley Expounds Creed
Location: N/A
Date: 01/01/1931
Length: 150 secs
Story Number: 997
Description: Champion of new young Socialism enlarges on his manifesto.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Whatever view is held on Sir Oswald Mosley's political faith, a few will deny an interest in the personality of the most prominent of our youngest statesmen. His independence of thought, his vigour and vitality have earned respect in every section of political opinion.
Shot List.: Various close shots speaking.

We want action...we want to get things done in Britain - that is the real issue raised by our manifesto. You will not agree with us if you are content with things as they are, if you are willing to let this country just drift to disaster, but you will at least hear us with sympathy - if you aware of the gravity of the national situation - if you believe that government by talk must at last give place to government by action. We believe that we cannot muddle through this time, but we also believe that with effort and with organisation this country can be greater and more prosperous than ever before. We do not propose Dictatorship because the control of an elected parliament is still retained, but we propose a drastic revision of the parliamentary machine in order that the will of the people may be carried out. We have no real Democracy at the present time because again and again since the country has voted for great changes and for decisive action yet again and again their will has been thwarted by obstruction in the "talking shop" at Westminster. Democracy only begins when the will of the people is carried out. For that purpose we propose a new machine...the fight lays before us...a fight for action...for vigour...for vitality...and manhood in government...a fight against the forces of drift...of despair...of lethargy.
Keywords: Government and Politics; Personalities - Politicians; Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley; Great Britain
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