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Card Title: ROADWISE
Location: Hendon & Polperro, England, St. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland, & Danube Rally, Germany, Central Europe
Date: 31/07/1967
Length: 251 secs
Story Number: 92619
Description: The Ministry of Transport Testing Centre at Hendon where, in a year from now, lorries will be joining cars for the compulsory MOT tests. Over sixty Test Centres will be in use all over Britain. In Switzerland, a new six million pound link with the St. Gotthard Pass is opened - A fantastic piece of Highway Engineering. The big problem of the motor car is how to integrate it into society. Polperro in Cornwall has decided to ban cars from the village. A Horse and Cart has been introduced to convey visitors from the Car Parks. The wheel has come full circle! Finally - the Danube Rally is won by BMC - an Austin Eighteen Hundred, driven by Tony Fall and Mike Wood beats the cream of Continental competition.
Shot List.: MS pan lorry moves past sign "Ministry of Transport Vehicle Testing Station". MS man directing lorry into test centre. LAS from inspection pit of lorry moving up ramp. MCU man testing lights on lorry. MCU lorry driver turning steering of lorry. MCU man looking at steering mechanism under lorry. CU light testing apparatus. CU man at controls of apparatus. MS lorry wheels turning on brake testing equipment. CU ditto. CU man's foot on brake. CU lorry wheel stops on apparatus. CU man checking off items on list. CU spare wheel rack on back of lorry. MCU man pointing at spare wheel on back of lorry.
Aerial shot St. Gotthard Pass in Switzerland. Shot from inside car travelling along St. Gotthard Pass. Aerial shot pan mountains surrounding pass. GV coach descending from pass. GV pan cars moving up and down pass shot from inside car moving through tunnel. Aerial shot pan mountains surrounding the pass.
GV Polperro car park in Cornwall. CU sign 'Polperro Car Park'. MCU man pulls up in car and pays money to attendant. MCU ditto. MS sign. MS sign in car park 'Please drive down to attendant'. MS car park attendant. MS sign 'All cars must stop here'. MS little boy with horse. CU sign 'Horse bus stop'. MS horse bus moving along. CU sign 'Petrol & Oil'. GV garage. MS pan horse bus moves past. MS various signs around village, pan down people walking in village streets. MS people in street. MCU montage of signs. CU ditto. MS ditto. CU ditto. MS ditto (x2). MS pan shop in village. MS ditto.
CU pan lights flashing at start of Danube rally. MS starters flag up, first car away. MS car past at night. MS ditto. Tracking shot No 48 past. CU man driving car. MS car No 63 past. MS pan No 41 past. MS pan Rover past shot inside car whilst moving. GV cars past. MS ditto, tracking shot mountainous area of race. LS pan car No 5 driving around winding roads. MS pan car No 5 drives in at finish. MS winning drivers Mike Wood & Tony Fall get out of car. MS winning drivers - Mike Wood & Tony Fall talking.
Keywords: Great Britain; Vehicles; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Civil Engineering; Environment; Transport; Animals - Domestic; Personalities - Sport; Motor Racing; Local Government
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