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Card Title: WAR?
Location: The Middle East
Date: 08/06/1967
Length: 120 secs
Story Number: 92450
Description: The Middle East in flames! Israel's confrontation with the Arab countries presents a fearful threat to world peace. As well as latest film from the area, Movietone recalls the last big Israeli/Arab conflict in 1956.
Shot List.: MS Israeli men digging trenches. MCU ditto. CU Israeli women digging trenches. MCU ditto. MS man digging at bottom of trench. Pan up trenches. GV Israeli men & women working on defences. MCU men digging. MS pan interior hospital nurses & patients. CU man in bed in hospital. MCU nurse attending to man. Aerial shot various shots of the desert & Gulf & Aqaba. Aerial shot ditto (x4). CU Colonel Nasser. MCU pan troops during confrontation in 1956. MS ditto. MS General Moshe Dayan inspecting troops in 1956. CU pan ditto. LS various shots of desert & Gulf of Aqaba. LS ditto. MS tanks move past. GV tank during action in desert. LS armoured cars during action. GV tank moves past. LS troops advancing. LS ditto. MS pan children running along trenches. CU children.

see story number 92450/2 for cuts
Keywords: Israel; Munitions and Armaments; Military - Active; Suez Crisis 1956; Arab-Israeli War (The Six Day War); Medicine and Health; Environment; Sinia Peninsula; Vehicles; Gamal Abdel Nasser; Egypt; Personalities - Politicians;6 day war
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