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Location: Blackpool, Lancs
Date: 10/10/1976
Length: 105 secs
Story Number: 76/180
Description: In Blackpool's Centenary Year the Illuminations along the 'Golden Mile' area's spectacular as ever. There is plenty of variety in the subjects made of lights and to the sight-seer its a great free show.
Shot List.: GV Blackpool beach and pier. Pan the sea front. MLS tracking of Blackpool Tower. MS looking up at tower while going past. MS lights in shape of Chinese dragon. MS Chinese dragon. MS illuminated street. MS lights in shape of boat. Track past. MS tracking down street. Lights go out of focus. MS focus to see lights in shape of boat. Sign on front "Shell Petrol". Track past. MS tracking through welcome arch saying "Blackpool & The Piers". MS an old steam train with lights on side. MS tracking down street with pictures of pets in lights (Pet's Parade). MCU tracking past picture. MS tracking past lights in old steam train. MS tracking down street. MS tracking past rocket with lights on side. Out of focus. MS track past lights in paddle steamer called Mississippi Magic. MS sign "Blackpool & Pleasure Beach, Welcome". GV castle turret with toy soldier on top. Soldier moves round. MS illuminated Father Christmas. MS street light with animal painting underneath. MS lights forming coach & horses with woman getting in. MS clock face illuminated. MS rings of lights radiating out from central point. MS lights down display to form silhouette of parrot. MS lights depicting a peacock which flashes. MS picture of parrot start to take colour. MS peacock with tail flashing. MS light rings radiating from spot forming a peacock. MS peacock.
Keywords: Entertainment and Leisure; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Exhibitions; Celebrations - Seasonal; Great Britain; Celebrations - Anniversaries
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