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Location: River Thames - London
Date: 07/09/1975
Length: 219 secs
Story Number: 75/305
Description: The dignity and beauty of sail once more graced the River Thames, as Tall Ships from many countries gathered for the Port of London Clipper Regatta. As a finale to the Regatta, Mr Edward Heath started the yachts in the London to Sydney Race. The aim of the Race is to beat the 69 day record for the run set by a Clipper over a hundred years ago.
Shot List.: GV clipper boats in dock. SV pan HRH Princess Alexandra walking toward boat. SV ditto boarding boat. FV tall sail ships in dock in front of Tower Bridge. SV pan 'The Mercia'. LV men standing in rigging of ship. GV Princess Alexandra passing 'The Mercia'. SV Princess Alexandra viewing fleet. GV tall ship, Tower Bridge in background (Denmark). GV pan men in rigging. GV assembled ships move off down river including Sea Cadet brigantine 'TS Royalist'. LV 'Royalist' sailing past Greenwich. GV ships proceeding down river. MS mast with boy waving from top. LS 'Tovarisch' passing. MS clipper race contender 'Great Britain II'. SV spectators. MS Italian ship CR 3 'Busnelli' contender. GV tall ship down river. GV ditto appearing through mist near Sheerness. LV tall ship (Georg Stage). LS mast & rigging. GV 'Tovarisch' zoom out 'Great Escape' Dutch contender. GV Thames sailing barges. GV tall ship (Sagres) Portugal. MS crew on board. LV schooner. GV Sailing Training Association's 'Sir Winston Churchill'. LV 'Great Britain II'. MS zoom out ditto. GV boats arriving at start including 'Busnelli'. CU crew on deck of 'Busnelli'. LV 'Busnelli' pan over to 'Great Escape'. SV cannon firing from 'HMS Londonderry' to call boats to start. CU Mr Edward Heath and VIPs. GV boats moving up to start. SV five minute signal being fired with 'HMS Londonderry', zoom into boats on starting line. SV Mr Edward Heath with starting flag, he drops flag and cannon fires, pan to boats starting. SV pan 'Great Britain II' starting.
Keywords: Great Britain; Ships and Boats; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Youth Organisations; Yachting; Round the World Yacht Race; Personalities - Politicians; Royalty; Princess Alexandra of Kent, Mrs Angus Ogilvy; Marina Ogilvy; Sport;Sailing Ship
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