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Film Title: TRAILER: SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD Play Clip: Salvage Of Succibu - Trailer - Save bones.

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Card Title: Salvage Of Succibu - Trailer - Save bones.
Location: N/A
Date: 16/12/1943
Length: 101 secs
Story Number: 44355
Description: N/A
Shot List.: Animation - Shots of George the ghost who lives in a brewery at Chalfont St. Giles. Shots of posters outside a cinema. George sitting in the cinema watching a trailer. Non-animation - Shots of a pile of bones, tanks moving along. Bonemeal, chicks. Bones in a oven. CU bones. Shot of George getting up out of his seat. Outside cinema dustbin with 'Bones' on it. George floats into the bin. George floats out of the bin and looks like a bullet, seen chasing hitler. Women putting a skeleton into a bin.
Keywords: Great Britain; Home Front; Salvage Campaigns; Public Information Material;Miscellaneous, World War II
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