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Film Title: TOUGHENING UP THE HOME GUARD - Play Clip: Unarmed Tough Training For Home Guard

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Card Title: Unarmed Tough Training For Home Guard
Location: N/A
Date: 07/05/1942
Length: 57 secs
Story Number: 42191
Description: Here are some Home Guards of a Middlesex battalion receiving instruction in "unarmed combat".
Shot List.: 1. Long shots and close-ups of the tough training and methods of unarmed combat.
2. Close-up of chief instructor, Sergeant Mickey Wood, light-weight wrestling champion of GB.
3. Shot of Sir Philip Carleback, CMG, Commander of S Zone HG who watches combat.
Keywords: Education and Training; Military - Active; Personalities - Armed Forces; Home Front; Great Britain; Civil Defence;World War II
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