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Film Title: JOSEPH LYONS' FUNERAL Play Clip: Funeral of Mr Lyons

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Card Title: Funeral of Mr Lyons
Location: N/A
Date: 26/04/1939
Length: 85 secs
Story Number: 36669
Description: N/A
Shot List.: Flags flutter at half mast and people crowd outside St. Mary's Basilica to attend a Lying-in-State. (Various Library scenes). The Governor General and Lady Gowrie attend the Mass as does Sir E Page and Lady Page. Dame Enid Lyons arrives and the Archbishop Panico. Then the coffin is borne to the gun-carriage and among the pall bearers is Sir Earle Page. The Gun Carriage with military escort is borne through the streets and the Ex. Premier is taken to the Circular Quay, where the coffin is placed aboard "Vendetta" for transport to Tasmania, Mr Lyon's native state.
Keywords: Deaths; Personalities - Politicians; Australia; Ships and Boats; Joseph Aloysius Lyons; Ceremonies - Funerary; Ceremonies - Religious; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Brigadier General Sir Alexander Hore-Ruthven, Lord Gowrie; Personalities - Relatives; Personalities - Religious; Navy - Active; Ships and Boats; Religion and superstition; Military - Ceremonial; Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page
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