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Film Title: Movietone Succeeds In Beating Book Play Clip: Movietone Succeeds In Beating The Book

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Card Title: Movietone Succeeds In Beating The Book
Location: N/A
Date: 28/11/1932
Length: 79 secs
Story Number: 2127
Description: From America (this time) comes amazing punter; system elucidated by US racing expert.
Shot List.: Elevated shot of crowds at race course. Elevated shot of start. Crowds watch race. Elevated close shot of horses in part of race in speeded up shots, horses stop and run backwards to starting post. (All this latter part trick photography). Elevated shot of crowds. Horses round track. Trick photography of horses going backwards.
Keywords: Sport; Horse-Racing; Gambling; Comic Items; United States of America; Camera Effects;equestrian Sport
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