Story No: 94702
MS zoom out vintage Rolls Royce. Zoom in CU "Goodwill tour of USA" name plate. MS pan Rolls Royce moving to embark on QE2. Zoom out from name "Queen Elizabeth II" on side of ship. MS QE2 docking. CU suitcase, pan to man pushing them on trolley to Ocean Terminal. 3 shots passengers embarking. CU bandsman. GV band playing on board. CU mooring rope released, pan to side of ship. MS passengers waving to crowd on quay. TS balloons rise as QE2 moves. MLS pan QE2 leaving quayside. MLS tug pulling QE2. GV crowd waving as QE2 leaves Southampton. LS Ocean Terminal with crowd waving. GV pan QE2. MS crowd waving. MLS looking forward out to sea. MCU Captain Bill Warwick on board. LS restaurant. MCU shop. CU pan shop. MCU hairdressers. LS ditto. MCU childrens' painting on wall. .....

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