Story No: 126A
Procession of Veterans with ceremonial elephants. King and queen arrive at dais in landau. King and Queen seated on dais. Viceroy Lord Harding and Lady Harding. King and Queen in full regalia process along platform. Soldiers come to attention as they pass. King and Queen take their places on thrones. Pan across mass of soldiers raising solartopees in three cheers, pan back across mass to LS of King and Queen. LS King and Queen down steps from dais, move back to smaller dias. The Begum of Bhopal, the only lady to pay homage. Gaekwar of Baroda pays homage. The King unveils memorial to King Edward VII (8/12/1911). The King presents Colours to British Regiment. Troops with standards. Royal Standard broken. King and Queen arrive in landau. The King reviews 50,000 Indian troops. GV King on horse.....

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